Linking theory and practice

From its beginnings, one of the School’s priorities has been the linkage of academic teaching and political practice. This interconnection is clearly demonstrated by the profiles of both the lecturers and the students, as well as by the seminars, academic symposia and field trips which complement the regular curriculum.
Unlike other academic institutions, the School does not employ a body of full-time teaching staff. All courses are taught by professors and academic staff as a supplement to their main posts elsewhere. In addition, experts from relevant fields are drawn upon: important politicians, high-level civil servants, judges, diplomats, journalists and corporate leaders. Thus, the School can offer an extraordinarily broad diversity of teaching staff and lectures.
The student body reflects this diversity, too: young students, practitioners, Ph.D. students and mid-career students create a productive climate of discussion. This system is rendered even more attractive by the fact that all courses at the School are held in the late afternoon and early evening.

In addition to its regular curriculum, the School offers a series of academic events, such as cooperative seminars with the Hans Seidel Foundation and the Georg von Vollmar Academy. To complement these seminars, the School also organizes study trips to politically significant capital cities and countries, International Organizations and governmental institutions.