Qualifications and Examinations

At the moment students with a general matriculation-level qualification take a preliminary diploma examination after an average of four semesters, the passing of which enables them to continue their studies at the advanced level. Final examinations are held after an average of nine semesters and result in the academic degree of “Dipl. sc. pol. Univ.” granted by the Social Science Faculty of Ludwig Maximilian University (ending 2019).

The preliminary examination comprises three four-hour written examinations and three oral examinations.

The final diploma examinations comprise a diploma thesis, five written examinations of five hours each and four oral examinations.


We also have some students without general matriculation-level qualifications who were enrolled after passing an entrance examination. After six semesters, they take examinations and are awarded a certificate.


All Bavarian School of Public Policy examinations cover topics from all four departments; no department may be excluded.