According to the doctoral regulations enacted in 2007, in order to study to become a “Doctor scientarum politicarum” ( at the Munich School of Political Science, graduates must have earned a diploma or a Master’s degree in political science or in a socio-scientific related discipline with the minimum grade of “good”. Within three years, each postgraduate student must produce a dissertation on a subject of political science, guided and supported by a Ph.D. advisor. Furthermore, the doctoral candidate must acquire an advanced seminar certificate in the four departments and take part in a doctorate course of lectures critically discussing current scientific projects.
Postgraduate students must prove their fluency in German, English and another foreign language.
After the acceptance of the dissertation, an oral examination will be held. It consists of two one-hour parts: in the “Disputation” the candidate must state and defend the theses of his dissertation. In the “Rigorosum” which follows, he or she must once more prove the state of the art in political science.