Current Course Structure

The current study program of the Bavarian School of Public Policy is divided into two units at basic and advanced levels. The Basic Unit courses fulfil the preliminary requirement for the Advanced Unit, but the Basic Unit can alternatively be taken as a study program with its own final qualification. Both Units include courses from all four departments. The regular program of study consists of four semesters for the Basic Unit and five semesters for the Advanced Unit, for a total of nine semesters.

In the Basic Unit elementary knowledge of political science is imparted. It distinguishes between introductory courses and pro-seminars. An introductory course consists of a number of lectures on a specific subject. It has to be concluded by a written examination at the end of the semester. In a pro-seminar, students present and discuss short papers in class.

The Advanced Unit consists of lectures and main seminars. A lecture treats a defined topic, but generally adopts a specific perspective and a narrow range of questions. Main seminars comprise the presentation of a paper on a specific topic and a subsequent discussion thereof.
While students are free to choose specific courses, all students must attend courses from all four departments and will be examined therein.